Sorbitol 70% Solution

Sorbitol 70% Solution


Sell Sorbitol 70% Solution, non-crystalline(daily chemical) grade, crystalline(food)grade, medicine(ascorbic acid producing) grade

”United International” are producing and exporting sorbitol 70% solution and 99% crystalline powder, detail as:
Physical Character:       
Product name:                   Sorbitol 70% Solution
CAS No.:                           50-70-4
EINECS No.:                       200-061-5
Formula:                           C6H14O6
Molecular weight:               182.173
Synonyms:                        D-Glucitol
Appearance:                     Colorless clear thick liquid
Functional speciality
Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener made from purified glucose as material via hydrogenation refining ,concentrating .When it was absorbed by human body ,it spreads slowly and then oxidizes to fructose ,and takes part in fructose metabolization. It doesn't affect blood sugar and uric sugar. Hence, it can be used as sweetener for diabetics. With high-moisture-tatiblizing , acid-resisitance and non-ferment nature ,it can be used as sweetener and monisturizer . The sweet intensity contained in sorbitol is lower than that in sucrose ,and it can`t be utilized by some bacteria.
Application range
It can be widely used in food, leather ,cosmetic ,paper making ,textile ,plastic, toothpaste and rubber etc.
Appearance:                     Colorless clear thick liquid
Dry substance:                  70% min.
Water content:                   30% max.
D-Sorbitol(as dry basis):    71~83%
D-Mannitol(as dry basis):   8% max.
Refractive index (20?):     1.4575 min.
Specific gravity (20?):       1.290 g/ml min.
PH(in 50% DS aqua. sol): 5.0~7.5
Resistivity:                         10µs/cm max.
Reducing sugars:                     0.15% max.
Total Sugars:                            6.0%~10.0%
Iron:                                   1ppm max.
Nickel:                                1ppm max.
Heavy metals(as Pb):         1ppm max.
Arsenic(as As2O3):             1ppm max.
Chloride:                            10ppm max.
Sulphate:                           20ppm max.
Sulphated ash:                  0.10% max.
Fungus numbers:                     100 max.
Resist experiment:             -18? 48hours, non-cyrstl
Package:                           250/275kg net plastic drum
Shipment:                          20/22mt net per 20’ FCL with/without pallet

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Mr. Nickle Shang (Sales Manager)
Qingdao FTZ United International Inc.
18/F, Huaren International Building, 2A Shandong Road, Qingdao, China 266071
Tel: 0086-532-86069596
Fax: 0086-532-83893695
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Mr. Nickle Shang (Sales Manager)
Qingdao FTZ United International Inc.
18/F, Huaren International Building, 2A Shandong Road, Qingdao, China 266071
T: 0086-532-86069596
F: 0086-532-83893695
teriocorporation at yahoo dot com dot cn
MSN: AutumnNickle at hotmail dotcom

Product Origin: china
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Brand Name: United

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